oliver912 523eYou can thank my sweet husband for all the information I’m serving up here. He’s the one who told me repeatedly for years that I needed a blog. So, here I am. Dishing up more than you care to know about all the insane and random thoughts that come into my head. Bless his heart for suggesting it. Bless yours for reading it.

I used to do other things besides parent, homeschool, and try and keep the house from looking like a tornado has run through it. I no longer remember what those things were. I think they involved something I used to refer to as a “career.”  Right now, in addition to all those “higher calling”-type things, I also help my husband keep all of his businesses up and running.  He kindly refers to me as a “partner.” Most days, I don’t think I have enough brain cells operating at full capacity to warrant that kindness. Mostly what I’ve learned over the years is that if one thing is operating well, then something else is falling apart. It’s nearly impossible to keep ALL the plates spinning perfectly.

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We’ve been married 20 years. He’s an architect, an entrepreneur, and an all around good guy. I always tell people that his brain NEVER stops turning, and it’s the absolute truth. He’s the most considerate and generous person I’ve ever met. He’s also a complete goof ball, a kid at heart and a fantastic father. We are very thankful that we’re able to spend a LOT more time together than the average couple, because we really enjoy each other’s company!


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We waited a LONG time to have kiddos, mostly because we were busy doing other things. Once we got around to it, we were blessed with two and because we enjoy their company, too, we choose to homeschool. There are plenty of days when I wonder whether or not that’s an entirely selfish decision, since I’m positive that I get more out of it than they do, but they’re literate and haven’t embarrassed us on any big exams or anything, so for now, we plan to keep on doing what we’re doing.

Listen, we’re FAR from perfect. We DON’T have it all figured out. I’m sure I’ll probably end up sounding like I think I do, but I don’t. I have laundry stacked to the ceiling, I fight clutter and paper piles, my children bicker, and sometimes my husband and I are a tad irritated with each other. It’s okay. We lean into the hard stuff and we just keep pressing forward. If it weren’t at least a little bit crazy, it wouldn’t really be a life worth living. Right?

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