Classical Conversations Cycle 2 . . . ummmmm, wait . . . FALL BREAK!

Classical Conversations Tin Whistle
At the Symphony Hall
At the Symphony Hall to hear Aaron Copland’s Billy the Kid
Tin Whistle

While we’ve been on break this week, I did a little browsing around for new (and fun!) ways to teach and reinforce the music theory that we’re learning during the 6 weeks of Tin Whistle at CC. Our CC Community just started Tin Whistle this past week, so we have 5 more weeks to go. I’ll be honest, Tin Whistle is not my favorite part of CC. I actually don’t mind the music theory, although I would NEVER, seriously NEVER, call myself particularly proficient in this area.  Really, what I am is a great APPRECIATOR of music.  Pre-kids we had season tickets to the Symphony for a couple of years.  Once our daughter arrived, we realized that we didn’t want the rare occasion on which we got out of the house and left the baby behind to always be spent at the symphony. When you’re not getting enough sleep, it doesn’t matter how much you like music or what they play . . . just sitting still for that long will put you to sleep.  A couple of weeks ago, we reached a real milestone, and decided our kiddos were old enough to go to the Symphony WITH us. We had an AMAZING family outing and REALLY enjoyed ourselves (although, admittedly, my son took a nap through one of the pieces, but in his defense, the entire event started at his bedtime). And, just because we had one good night, I don’t think we’ll be buying season tickets for the whole family anytime soon. Anyway, I really, really love the 6 weeks during which we cover Orchestra in CC. That “Music Appreciation” time of the year is much more my speed.  But, I do learn more about music theory every year when we go through the Tin Whistle section, and (hopefully!!!!!) I get a little better at teaching it, too.

I created a Pinterest board to keep all the things that I’ve found that might be a great addition to the Tin Whistle section at CC or at home. You can find it here –
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I also love all of the resources that Brandy at has pulled together!


I discovered that a CC mom has put together some great looking geography cards.  These look like they might be another very helpful way to review Geography, and I went ahead and purchased them (download is $5 and goes toward funding their upcoming adoption of three children from Africa):


And finally, just for fun, if you happen to be on break yourself from your CC Community (or not) and you’re just really craving seeing some science experiments in action, here is a great video in which Grover does 5 Science Experiments.  I really, really love Grover.


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