Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 3

A little background: This is our family’s fourth year to participate in a Classical Conversations (CC) community. We participate in the Foundations portion of the program, which is designed for children ages 4 to about 11. The Foundations program lasts for 24 weeks each year. Each week the children cover 7 different grammar subjects (Timeline, History, Math, Science, English, Latin, and Geography), do a short (2-3 minutes) presentation, participate in one or more Science experiments and cover some area of Fine Arts.  It’s a VERY busy morning!

This week, we focused on reviewing geography. Here are some resources:

  1. If you have access to CC Connected, there’s nice little packet put together by another parent for the first six weeks of Geography.  It’s similar to the simple computer game below, but more portable and doesn’t involve screen time (if you’re interested in limiting that). It’s called “Geography Game weeks 1-6.pdf” and it was posted by ReneeH under Cycle 2, Week 1.
  2. This is a link to a simple quiz game for this week’s geography, Western European Countries:
  3. And here is a link to another simple quiz game with  both weeks of European geography on it:
  4. I believe I’ve mentioned this app for reviewing the continents and oceans before, but just in case: (Keep in mind that the app includes the “Southern Ocean” while CC’s information does not.)
  5. And, in case you aren’t an Apple iOS person, here’s a Continents and Oceans quiz that you can run on your computer:
  6. I decided to continue asking my kiddos to practice the Blob map once a week at home. We trace it once, then flip it over and draw it from memory once.  It doesn’t take long and I think/hope they’ll continue to get better and more accurate over time. 🙂
  7. I bought CC’s Trivium Tables for Geography this year for the first time for us to have to use at home. I’ve been very happy with them. They’re easy to pull out and use (but easier to store than the bigger maps we use in class), and they’ve both got one, so they can work simultaneously.  They were $10/each. They’re one thing that I’ll definitely plan on purchasing again for the next Cycle.

In addition to geography review, I always enjoy seeing how other people are handling their review of CC material, in general.  So, if you’re just curious, or if you’re struggling to find a way to systematically review your CC material, these are just a couple of suggestions, both based on Charlotte Mason’s memory system.

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