Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 4


The Schoolhouse Rocks video about Pronouns (which we’ll continue to cover in grammar thru week 6) is very entertaining . . . and possibly educational.  You can find it via a search of YouTube.


Just to keep in simple, I made a little cycle hand out that can be used while we’re going over the cycles. If you’d like to use it, you may download it by clicking on the image below.

Natural Cycles Image

The Magic Schoolbus Episode and Book “Wet All Over” covers the water cycle really well.  Both the DVD and the book are available at Amazon, and the video is also available on you tube:The-Magic-School-Bus-Wet-All-Over-Scholastic-Books-9780590508339

There are also about a billion videos on You Tube about the Water Cycle, most of which I found INCREDIBLY annoying or downright weird.  These are the ones I found the least-weird and annoying

This one is a rap (and may be better for older elementary/middle school)

Abstract Art

IshAs a follow up to today’s art lesson, there’s a great easy reader/picture book called Ish, by Peter Reynolds (also good is Dot by this same author).

DotThese are available both in traditional hard copy form as well as through Tumblebooks. On Tumblebooks, you can create a playlist of several books for your child to watch/listen to or just watch an individual one online. You can get a 30 day free trial directly from Tumblebooks –


Our (ridiculous, I know) story to help us with the rivers this week:

Freddy the Fish wanted to swim the EUROPEAN WATERS. He swam in the rain on the SEINE RIVER in France, and then decided to dine on the RHINE RIVER, before hopping on an inner tube on the DANUBE RIVER. After that, he was so tired that he needed to go slow on the PO RIVER. After he was rested up, he decided to try to scuba on the ELBE RIVER before wrapping up the day by doing some yoga on the VOLGA RIVER.


This Latin File Folder review game is similar to something posted on CC Connected, but it available for download here free, if you don’t have access to CC Connected.


A little background: This is our family’s fourth year to participate in a Classical Conversations (CC) community. We participate in the Foundations portion of the program, which is designed for children ages 4 to about 11. The Foundations program lasts for 24 weeks each year. Each week the children cover 7 different grammar subjects (Timeline, History, Math, Science, English, Latin, and Geography), do a short (2-3 minutes) presentation, participate in one or more Science experiments and cover some area of Fine Arts.  It’s a VERY busy morning!

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