Crazy Kids Bible Devotional: Jesse Tree Day 9

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Welcome to Day 9 of the Crazy Kids Bible Devotional Jesse Tree series!

Today’s podcast is available at the bottom of this post and on iTunes. If you’d like access to all the podcasts, devotional guides, and ornaments from the beginning, you can click on the “Podcasts” heading up on the menu. That’s also where you’ll find the link to subscribe directly to the podcast via iTunes, if you’d like to do that.

You can download the devotional guide and printable ornament for Day 9 by clicking the image below (or here: Day-9-Rules.pdf (493 downloads) ).

Kids Bible Devotional Jesse Tree

Note: In today’s podcast, the kiddos are quoting the 10 Commandments as they learned them for our homeschool group this past year (I’ll put in a plug here for our wonderful Classical Conversations community!). Normally, our kiddos are going to be reading from the Common English Bible (CEB). We love this version because, while it’s a translation and not a paraphrase, it uses language that is approachable and more easily understood by our children. My husband and I like the translation for ourselves as well, and we enjoy all being able to open our Bibles (hard copies and iPad versions) and read from the same translation.

Today’s Kids’ Daily Devotional Jesse Tree, Day 9 Podcast:



  1. Hi! I’m trying to do your wonderful Jesse tree guides with my daughter this year, and I just realized that your Day 9 image and link actually links to the Day 8 guide. I was wondering if you could share your day 8 materials with me via email?

    Sarah Collins

    1. Sarah –
      I’m sorry for taking a couple of days to respond. I did just check the link though, and it seems to be working right for me. Will you check it again and let me know if you still have trouble? You can also get to the guides by clicking on the “Podcasts” link on the upper menu. That will take you to all of the guides on one page. I’d really hoped to get them all combined into a single file for this year but it just hasn’t happened yet!!
      Laura Beth

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