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I don’t know if you’re familiar with the educator version of Groupon – Educents.


I’ve ordered a few things through them (like Life of Fred math curriculum, which I rarely see on sale and yet, is currently on sale there again . . . we LOVE Life of Fred!!!).


LEGO Rental Service
Pley for Lego Fans

For just a couple more days they are running a special on Pley – the “Netflix” of the Lego world. For $25 you get a $50 credit toward any of their 3 plans. It can mean that you get 3 months of the smallest plan or 2 months of the mid-priced plan. It seems like a great deal if you want to give the service a try. I don’t see any strings, except that you’ll have to cancel the service if you don’t want to automatically renew it at full cost when your credit is used up. I think that’s to be expected.

The Lego fan in my house is getting a subscription for Christmas . . . Shhhhhh, don’t tell him!



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