Great Gift Ideas (and Reviews) #4

Gift Ideas and Reviews

We have had a LOT of building toys around our house over the years! Here are some of our very favorites, which would make great gift ideas!

Building Toy Gift Idea #1:

Tomy Contructables Building Toys Gift IdeaWe gave this set of Tomy Contructables to our little boy when he was 2 1/2. At that age, we did most of the constructing, but he loved to “help” and he was fully enamored with the idea of constructing something that actually moved. This set is durable, comes with easy instructions for building multiple types of vehicles, and the parts are large enough to be handled by a toddler/young preschooler. This has continued to be a toy that he pulls out, although I think that at 5 1/2 he has really aged beyond it. Still, it’s a toy that has help up beautifully for all this time and consistently been entertaining. The box is large enough to stuff all the pieces back into and stores nicely on our shelves. My only complaint about the toy was ┬áthat the motor was designed to make a clicking sound (why on earth?), but we weren’t the first to be annoyed by it and one of the other reviewers on Amazon had figured out a very simple fix. My husband followed their lead and we’ve enjoyed the toy very much ever since! There’s apparently even a dinosaur set out there now and the pieces are interchangeable!

Building Toy Gift Idea #2:

Here’s another fun building set that has stood the test of time: Wedgits. We’ve had this set since the time our children were 4 and 2 and they still enjoy pulling it out and playing with it. ┬áThe pieces are large and easily handled by a young child. They can be put together very simply or constructed into more complicated patterns. Like most building block sets, the more pieces you have, the more you can build with it. You can follow the book or get creative. This toy has held up beautifully! My only complaint about it is that it you’ll need to come up with some storage for it. The box it comes in is not designed to house it for the long-haul.

Building Toy Gift Idea #3:

Castle Building Blocks Gift IdeaMy sister and her family gave this Castle Building Block set to my son about a year ago. We’ve had LOTS of building block sets around here (also Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc) and this has definitely been the most popular and played with set! Both of my children love to get this set out and either build a castle together or work on their own individual creations. It also worked out really nicely with that our Classical Conversations homeschool group studied the Medieval Period this year!

These block are really simple and basic, but they just look so nice that they make a the most simple structure look cool!

This is a set that you’ll need to plan on some storage for (Can you tell that makes a difference to me when it comes to toys? I must have some sort of issue that probably requires therapy to deal with. My house is not perfectly neat and organized, by the way. Far from it.).

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