Menu Plan 9/23/2013

Well, it’s officially FALL! Tomorrow, I’ve got to get going and actually switch out some of the summer decor around here for fall things! I love fall, but the last two years, I’ve been so busy during September and October that it’s usually November before I’ve really thought about getting some fall decor going, and by then . . . it’s pretty much time for Christmas! I’m bound and determined to get it out and enjoy it this year!

It’s also probably time to switch to more fall-like food, but I’m just not quite there emotionally, yet.  SOON, though, especially if the weather continues to feel fall-ish.

In the meantime, here’s the general menu plan for the week!


Yogurt and granola
Sandwiches, baby carrots, apples and melon
Pot roast, roasted okra, mashed potatoes


Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Hummus and Chips, baby carrots, apples and grapes
Shepherd’s Pie


Leftover muffins (always double the recipe!)
Roast Beef Wraps and fruit
Dinner at church


Oatmeal or cereal
Hummus and chips, baby carrots, apples and grapes
Lamb kabobs with peppers and mushrooms


Sandwiches, apples and bananas


Snacks for the week

Homemade: Super swim bars, Smoothies, Yogurt and Granola, Popcorn
Storebought: Fruit PouchesFreeze-dried FruitGranola BarsGluten Free Pretzels
If you’re looking for a menu plan template, you are welcome to download this one by clicking on the image below. It’s in Word, so you can edit to your heart’s content.

This Week's Menu

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