Organizing Paperwork

Organizing Paperwork

Some time last year, I got SO tired of my counters always looking like this:

Paperwork pilesThe amount of paperwork that comes into this house is just insane! I try to follow all the paperwork management rules: touch it once if possible, immediately toss whatever we don’t need, etc. but there is just a certain amount of paperwork that we need to hang onto, either for a short while or for the long-haul.

After thinking it over for a little while, I decided to create a system of file folders and to use one of the doors closest to the counter that is usually the “Hot Spot” for all this paperwork clutter.  This particular door actually goes down to our basement. It’s open most of the time when it’s just the four of us, but if we’re having a party or have more guests in, it’s also an easy door to close and conceal what is behind it.

plastic wall pocket

So, I went to the local office supply store and bought myself some plastic wall pockets; one for each of the major categories of paperwork I felt like I was dealing with. Then, I came home and used some fabric remnants I already had on hand and some Modge Podge (you could use matte or gloss, whichever you prefer) and I covered each box with the fabric. It really didn’t take long at all.  My tips would be: 1) make sure you cut your fabric large enough to wrap around the box, and 2) work slowly and make sure you get the bubbles out.

Organizing Paperwork

It worked best for me to cover the box in stages, so I would do the front, let it dry, then come back and work on the sides, etc. Letting it dry before doing the next step made it easier to pull the fabric taut and get everything smooth.

After the boxes were covered and dry, I added a label (mine are from Staples’ Martha Stewart collection of office supplies). I liked the way the red went with my fabric. You could just as easily print up your own.

Then, I hung them on the door by screwing through the fabric and the pre-drilled holes in the boxes.

Voila! The paperwork definitely didn’t disappear, but it got a lot more manageable, and my counter (mostly) stays clear.

Now . . . next I need to tell you about my plan for eliminating the paperwork altogether! Stay tuned . . .

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