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Free PrintablesWow! I realized that I’d created quite a few free printables for the blog and that they were spread all through various posts.  I thought I’d put them all in one place to make it easier for you to find them!

Classical Conversations

Of course, there’s no reason why other homeschoolers or teachers CAN’T use these. I just happened to create them to support our learning with Classical Conversations.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 14 teaching World War I history Dress Up


Pronoun Platypus


Skip Counting 14's Printable Classical Conversations Week 9 Skip Counting 15 Skip-Counting-Squares-Image Classical Conversations Week 10 Skip Counting 15


Skip Counting 15 Maze Worksheet Skip Counting Squares


Skip Counting, Cubes, Math, Classical Conversations, Worksheet Skip Counting, Cubes, Math, Classical Conversations, Worksheet


Latin Verb Endings Printable


Natural Cycles Image


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Egg Protector

Fine Arts: Tin Whistle

Music Theory Games

Fine Arts: Orchestra

Classical Conversations Orchestra Families


Presentation Schedule:


Impromptu Speech Prompts:



General Review Games

Classroom review games  Memory Master Sticker Sheets

Printables for OTHER things

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  1. Hi, as a new CC Mom I THANK YOU so very much for these free printables!!! They look spot on and engaging. Take care and God Bless!

  2. Thank you for sharing your creativity through the printables you have made. I used the cube each year when it cycles around in Math. Tonight I will use your History Sentence Cycle 2 week 14 for our year end class presentation. The flags, faces and mustaches have been laminated and put on a skewer. I thought it reminded me of the photo props you often see. I purchased various dark jackets and ties from a local hand me down store for each boy to dress similarly to each leader. Old ties became sashes for Nicholas and old costume jewelry his medals. Old ties also were used to create Llyod George’s ‘double tie”, completed with an old pierced earring for the tie tack. One of the classmates won’t be there so, my 3 year old will stand in to hold the dates 1914 and 1918, dressed as a classic newspaper boy. I saw these two years ago and printed them out and filed them away in anticipation for this year’s presentation. Thank you for your wonderful work!

  3. When I click on the “Practice Skip Counting the Squares” picture (the one with 7 sections), the numbers are actually for skip counting the 15’s. I didn’t notice until I printed them out, and my 6 year old corrected me! 🙂 Just wanted you to be aware.

    1. Thank you for telling me! And please, thank your daughter for me! I’ve fixed it now, so hopefully I won’t be the reason a whole generation of children skip count their squares incorrectly! Thank you, again!

  4. wondering where you found the “practice 14s” worksheet. that really helped my daughter and I would like to find one for the 15, squares, cubes and all. I can make it but thought I would check and see it is already posted out there in cyber world. thanks

  5. thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas. I want to try the firecracker game with my crew but when I click on it, a pronoun thing comes up. it is good too but interested in the firecracker game. thanks.

    1. Yikes! Thanks so much for letting me know! I fixed the link so that it’s pulling the correct file now. Now, I’m off to check all the other links, too! 🙂

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